Departure of trustee and pilot applicant

IADA are sad to inform our supporters that a trustee, who was also our original pilot applicant, has left the charity. It has come to light that their dog has a disqualifying health condition that prevents them from becoming an Assistance Dog. We have only just become aware of this after not being able to contact the person in question for some time.

We are incredibly sad for the dog in this matter, and are also disappointed to lose a trustee who has been with us since the charity was in early planning stages in around 2014.

We apologise to our supporters for having used this dog in marketing images that led to fundraising, when it now turns out that the dog was not actually suitable for the programme we were raising funds for.


As a result of the above, another pilot place will be opened up, but we would like to specifically focus on recruiting an applicant from the city of Southampton, as we are due to receive a grant that can only be spent on beneficiaries living within the city.